Muscle Pain

Relieve Severe Muscle Pain and Inflammation without Using Un-Natural Over-the-Counter Medications or Drugs with the Best Alternative Anti-Inflammatory Supplements. We offer Top Rated Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils that Provide Treatment for Chronic Muscle Pain that Helps Eliminate Back, Chest, Knee, Leg, Shoulder, Neck or other Muscle Pain.

Young Living essential oils – therapeutic grade oils that relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation.
Participating in sports, working out at the gym, doing yard work, or even playing with your children can put stress on your muscles causing inflammation which can lead to back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck and other muscle pain. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection and is part of the immune response.  However, sometimes inflammation can cause further inflammation and it can become self-perpetuating.  When inflammation occurs, chemicals from the body are released into the blood or affected tissues.  This release of chemicals increases blood flow and may result in redness and warmth to the area of the injury or infection.  Swelling can occur when the chemicals cause a leak of fluid into the tissue.  This process may stimulate nerves and cause muscle pain.
The two classifications of pain are acute and chronic.  Acute back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck and other muscle pain are sudden, severe and short term most commonly caused by injury to muscles, ligaments and/or tendons.  Chronic muscle pain is constant, long term where it lasts longer than six months.  In 2011, the National Institute of Health reported that about one in three U.S. adults suffer from some sort of chronic pain.  Muscle pain, however, is an important function of the body, telling us that something is wrong and it needs treatment.  Whether you experience chronic muscle pain or suffer from the occasional inflamed back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck or other muscle pain from sports or other activities, you deserve relief because life is too short to be plagued with muscle pain.
Most people suffering from either chronic and acute muscle pain will take an over the counter anti-inflammatory pain medication remedy for treatment.  Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen and Naproxen are the drugs used in over the counter anti-inflammatory remedies for treatment and relief of muscle pain.  All of the anti-inflammatory non-prescription muscle pain supplements are synthetic chemicals that are difficult for your stomach, kidneys and liver to process and can lead to heart attack, stroke, stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and other medical issues.  Acetaminophen is the most common cause of Acute Liver Failure in the United States according to the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology.  These commonly used muscle pain supplements used for treatment and relief of muscle pain and inflammation may not only cause medical issues, but they also do not address the origin of the back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck or other muscle that is in pain.  They can give temporary relief – at a high cost.
Be careful if you have an injury or sprain and are suffering from severe back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck or other muscle pain and have prescription medication for treatment and relief!  Opioid (oxycodone) drugs are highly addictive and being synthetic chemicals are hard on your body and again are only masking the symptoms.  If you have chronic muscle pain and are taking Corticosteroids this can cause bone muscle loss, weight gain, hypertension, and hyperglycemia and because of the side effects, doctors usually limit injections to 3-4 per year.  IS THERE A BETTER WAY?
You can have a safe, effective, healthy, all-natural alternative to the anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs used for treatment and relief of inflammation and muscle pain with Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils and supplements.  These therapeutic-grade, all-natural essential oils will bring relief for the inflammation and muscle pain as effectively as the strong over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs without the negative side effects.  Young Living’s therapeutic-grade, all-natural essential oils are medicine straight from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet that man has tapped into for thousands of years.  Use these essential oils topically, inhaling them or take them orally and experience their benefits for treatment and relief of muscle pain and inflammation.  No matter what muscle pain you have there are many single oils and oil blends Young Living produces for the treatment and relief of the different types of muscle pain.  Whether, it’s back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck or another muscle pain that you are suffering from Young Living has an all-natural, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory oil or supplement that will work perfectly for your treatment and relief of muscle pain..
On our website we offer only Young Living therapeutic-grade, all-natural essential oils and supplements for back, chest, leg, shoulder, neck or other muscle pain and inflammation as we want only the very best for you with an all-natural remedy.  We have the best prices for the best all-natural essential oils and supplements on the market. There are no harmful additives or fillers in any Young Living product as they are 100% pure, all-natural oils and supplements. Young Living’s dedication to quality, carefully controlling the entire Seed to Seal process, ensures that we provide pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and supplements with the complete, optimal blend of plant chemical to ensure maximum potency for treatment and relief of your muscle pain and inflammation..


Young Living has many good single oils and oil blends that we have used for muscle pain.  My wife had polio as a child and suffered from severe charlie horses in her right calf for many years until we learned about Young Living.  Everything changed and we began to fight back.  Her calf muscle pain was relieved using Aroma Siez topically everyday on location.  Later we started drinking 2 ounces of NingXia Red at breakfast everyday.  That was 4 years ago.  No longer does she have severe calf muscle pain and no longer does she use Aroma Siez.  Today her charlie horses are minor and easily worked out. We have recently discovered that magnesium and calcium deficiency may contribute to muscle cramps (Charlie horses).  Mega Cal and Mineral Essence are excellent sources of both trace and macro minerals and good for all muscle conditions. 

I have been plagued with severe back muscle pain for years from a muscle tear.  I have had great success in relieving this pain using Marjoram topically on location.  Then I learned about blending the 3 oils of Pan Away, Wintergreen, and Cypress.  3 drops each for 1 blend.  We call this "Dr. Stewart's Magic Potion" because we got this formula from Dr. David Stewart in Young Living.  We have had huge success with this blend in our oil workshops,  This blend relieves muscle pain, back muscle pain, calf muscle pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, bone pain, and tendon's amazing.

Another successful blend that works extremely well is equal drops of Pan Away and Idaho Balsam Fir.  There are times when I twist my body the wrong way and the result is a nagging upper back and chest pain.  My wife will rub this blend on my upper back and the back pain begins to subside in minutes and is gone in a short time.

Other oils that we have used for muscle pain are Deep Relief Roll-On (works very well for stiff neck pain) and Peppermint.  In my beginning days using oils I would apply Pan Away on location and then apply Peppermint on top of the Pan Away.  I had a severe shoulder pain at that time (6 years ago).  It took about a month of daily application before this pain went away forever.  Also by using my hand to rub in the oils onto my shoulder I noticed that the pain in my hands and fingers (arthritis) was leaving and then gone.  I killed two birds with one stone.


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