Headache and Migraine Headache  Relief

Get Relief From Sinus, Tension, Migraine, Cluster and Chronic Headaches without Using Un-Natural Pain Medications. We Offer Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils That Are 100% Pure, Safe and All-Natural For The Treatment of These Headaches.

Young Living essential oils that promote circulation, reduce muscle spasms, and decrease inflammatory response.
Headaches can be painful and debilitating preventing you from working, going to school and participating in enjoyable activities.  There are many types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches,  rebound headaches, and chronic headaches. Some headaches can result from hormone imbalances (low progesterone caused by pituitary dysfunction), stress, structural misalignments, circulatory problems and sugar imbalances (too much sugar). The symptoms vary with the different types of these chronic headaches. There are many over-the-counter pain medications for the treatment and relief of these chronic headaches.  You probably have a bottle or two in your medicine cabinet now.  However, these over-the-counter headache pain relief treatments and medications that give temporary headache relief are probably not the best.  They are un-natural using synthetic chemicals produced by man that may have harmful side effects later on as the body does not know how to assimilate them.  Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the most common cause of Acute Liver Failure in the United States according to the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. 
Young Living has the best all-natural headache pain relief treatment medications in their therapeutic-grade essential oils. Serious causes of headaches are very rare and most headaches can be managed at home by learning ways to cope with stress effectively and by employing headache pain relieving all-natural therapeutic-grade essential oil remedies.  Relief from tension, migraine, cluster, sinus and rebound headaches can be achieved by rubbing Young Living all-natural essential oils on the temples, forehead and nape of the neck and even putting them on the roof of your mouth.  Young Living therapeutic-grade all-natural essential oils and supplements are medicine straight from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet that man has tapped into for thousands of years with great success.  Young Living essential oils and supplements for chronic headache pain relief are safe, 100% pure, all-natural, and healthy making it easy for the body to process them without the negative side effects found with synthetic over-the-counter headache pain relief medications and remedies.
On our website we offer Young Living therapeutic-grade, 100% pure, all-natural, safe headache pain treating and symptom relieving essential oils and supplements.  We want only the very best for you and your family.  Young Living’s essential healing oils for chronic headache pain and organic supplements are of the highest and best quality on the market today.  Being an online-based essential oils health and wellness store we do not have the overhead or other expensive operating costs of traditional businesses.  These savings are passed on to you allowing us to offer the very best headache pain relief treatment medicine and other Young Living essential healing oils at the very best prices possible.


I heard Gary Young say that a general headache can be caused by dehydration of the brain.  Headache relief can be achieved by drinking lots of water daily. What's in water?  Oxygen!  Therefore, a lack of oxygen in the brain is a cause of headaches.  Young Living oils are rich in oxygen.

Headache remedies:  we have had very good results using Young Living Peppermint for headache relief and even for migraine headaches. 

Neat or dilute 50-50 (1 drop Extra Virgin Olive oil, 1 drop Peppermint).  Apply 1-3 drops on back of the neck, behind ears, on temples, and on forehead.  Be careful to keep away from eyes and eyelids.  (If you do, use Olive oil to dilute.  NEVER use water).

Deep Relief Roll-ON:   For headache relief apply generously to temples and behind ears every 15 minutes for up to 4 applications.  For head tension apply over temples and on forehead.  For me this product works well.  I use it for my headaches.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not ingest this blend.  If pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a health care practioner prior to use.

Migraine Headaches and Remedies

     M-Grain:  formulated by D. Gary Young specially for migraine headaches---apply on temples, back of ears, and back of neck.

     Progessence™ Plus:  According to Dr. Dan Purser, MD, who has conducted an huge amount of research (over 10 years) on pituitary endocrinology; the lack of progesterone causes 99% of migraines in women.  In men it is the lack of testosterone.  The migraine occurs before menses when progesterone levels should go up but in some women they drop.  This drop causes vascular inflamation which in turn causes the headache (and strokes and heart attacks).  Page 40 of Dr. Purser's book "Real Solutions for the Top 7 Female Health Concerns."

Dr. Purser recommends rubbing Progessence™ Plus on the sides of the neck and headaches should start to alleviate.  If you have migraines and one is starting-- rub Progessence™ Plus on your neck or temple.  Put it right on your temple.  That way it gets right into your blood vessels.  Rub more on if it worsens.  Don't be afraid of it.

Sinus Headaches

     Eucalyptus radiata, R.C., Raven, Breathe Again Roll-On.  We apply any one of these oils to the soles of the feet just before bedtime.  Also apply oils on top of foot at the base of the toes and bottom of the foot at the base of the toes.  Also apply on sinuses above and below the eyes and temples.  Be careful not to get oils in the eye.

Stress Headaches

     M-Grain and Pan Away.  Apply 1-2 drops neat or diluted 50-50 around the hairline on the back of the neck and across the forehead.  Be careful no to use too much so that the oil does not run down close to the eyes or into the eyes.  If the oil does, dilute the eyes with Extra Virgin Oilve oil--Never use water.  These two oils work very well for us.


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