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Relieve Pain and Ailments with Alternatives to UN-Natural Medicine Using Organic All-Natural Therapeutic-Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oils. We Offer 100% Pure Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements with Proven Medical Benefits.

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Why essential oils?  The benefits of essential oils gained from Young Living oils can improve your sick and tired body without the horrifying bad side effects that come with prescription drugs.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Young Living oils are the answer.  Are you searching for the very best knee pain relief, muscle pain relief, allergy relief, or stress relief that is for sale online?  Young Living oils are the answer. 


There are a variety of different common everyday aches, pains, and other ailments we all experience and take medications hoping for relief.  However, traditional medications, supplements and pain relievers made from synthetic chemicals have both negative short term and long term effects on our bodies.  Aromatherapy's pure essential oils have proven to be an effective all natural medical alternative for relief of pain and a variety of common health issues.  The best therapeutic grade organic essential oils work just as well if not better than their traditional pain relieving counterparts and work naturally with your body without any long term or short term  bad side effects.

Essential Oils and Pharmaceuticals Compared

Essential Oils
1.   Natural, wildcrafted or grown
2.  Hundreds of constituents, not
     all known
3.   Never two batches the same
4.   Not patentable (God made)

Effects and Consequences

5.   Restores  natural  function
6.   No adverse interactions
7.   Antiviral
8.   Improves intercellular
9.   Corrects and restores proper
      cellular memory (DNA)
10.  Cleanses receptor sites
11.  Builds the immune system
12.  Emotionally balancing
13.  Side effects beneficial
14.  Leads toward independence
       and wellness


15.  Assumes wellness as natural
       state, invulnerable to illness
16.  Assumes body and mind
       capable of self-healing
17.  Integrated wholistically, body,
       mind, and soul as a unit
18.  Build natural defenses and let
       body deal with disease
19.  Treats internally at level of
        cellular intelligence
20.  Theistic, historic roots in reli-
       gion when healers were priests      

1.   Unnatural, synthetic chem
     cally or genetically engineered
2.  One or two active ingredients,
     all of which are known
3.  Every batch the same (Purity)
4.  Patentable (man made)

Effects and Consequences

5.   Inhibits natural function
6.   Many adverse interactions
7.   Usually not antiviral
8.   Disrupts intercellular
9.   Garbles and confuses cellular
       memory (DNA)
10.  Blocks receptor sites
11.  Depresses immune system
12.  Emotionally unbalancing
13.  Side effects harmful
14.  Leads toward dependence
       and chronic disease


15.  Assumes natural state prone
        and vulnerable to illness
16.  Assumes body and mind need
        external assistance to heal
17.   Fragmented, treats body parts,
        mind and emotions separate
18.   Supplant natural defenses
        and attack disease itself
19.   Treats externally at level of
        gross symptoms
20.   Secular, historic roots in mat-
        erialism motivated by money           
                             Taken from "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple"  Page 420
                                                                    By Dr. David Stewart PhD., D.N.M.

"Souces  inside the U.S. Government confirm that in 2010, the FDA pocketed over $526 million in direct payment from major drug companies including Bristor-Myers, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly.  That's $526 Million.  In exchange for the payments, the FDA hustled drugs through the approval process...flooding the market poisons that were known to have dangerous--even deadly--side effects.  Instead of protecting the health and safety of folks like you and me, the FDA is getting paid millions to help pump deadly drugs into your body--and the bodies of your loved ones.  And here's the worst part:  While the FDA pushes Big Pharma's poison profit pills, a shroud of secrecy is thrown over powerful natural cures...Real cures that are proven to knock out cancer, diabetes, reverse arthritis, Alzheimer's and more.  Why?  Because these real cures are natural and therefore non-patentable.  So the drug companies and the FDA can't make money from them.  Bottom line:  While the FDA and drug companies get rich, innocent people like you go broke for dangerous drugs that have the potential to injure and kill." ( Health Science Institue, American Health Underground, Whistleblower Reveals 7 Deadly Drugs, August 2013)

When purchasing essential aromatherapy oils as an herbal alternative to traditional medicine and pain relief, it is important that they are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have proven medical benefits.  There are many companies now offering all natural essential oils.  Unfortunately there is not any institution that certifies aromatherapy's essential herbal oil blends as 100% pure therapeutic/supplement grade.  If another aromatherapy company says that they sell certified therapeutic grade pure essential oils, you have to ask yourself who certified them?  There is really only one company producing the best truly therapeutic grade aromatherpy medical alternatives for all different types of pain and common medical symptom relief.  Their aromatherapy all natural oils have proven to have the best health benefits and ensure the highest quality of their therapeutic grade organic essential healing oils.

Young Living is the only essential aromatherapy oil producing company that produces 100% pure all natural medical alternatives for relief of pain and common symptoms. Their supplement grade essential healing oils are made from their own organic plants grown on their own 100% all natural farms.  Young Living controls everything used to grow the plants and herbs that go into their pure all natural oil aromatherapy blends:  e.g. the seeds, the water, the recycling of herbs and plants from distillers to be used as fertilizer, the cultivation, the distillation, the testing, and the bottling to ensure the best, highest quality, 100% pure therapeutic grade all natural essential oil aromatherapy blends.

Young Living's quality control standards exceed those standards set down by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and AFNOR (Association Francais de Normalisation).  Young Living has created its own high standards based on the true medical, pain and other symptom relieving benefits of their organic aromatherapy essential oil blends in actual therapeutic applications.  Young Living has compiled an essentail oil reference library that has over 280,000 100% pure therapeutic herbal essential oil compounds and blends.  They use this information to develop their own standards to guarantee the best highest quality therapeutic value for their alternative all natural and organic healing aromatherapy oils. (ref: Essential Oils Desk Reference 5th Edition, page 1.19).

No matter what your medical symptoms, if you take a pain relieving supplement, cream, or something else that you do not need a prescription for, Young Living has developed an all natural aromatherapy essential oil alternative that will elevate and heal your symptoms quickly and in a safe all natural way.  Because Young Living's organic essential oils are supplement grade you can put the aromatherapy oils in capsules and digest directly or you can rub it on topically as well as use a diffuser to inhale the aromatherapy.  No matter what therapeutic method you chose you can feel safe knowing that all Young Living herbal aromatherapy essential oil alternative supplements have been properly produced and tested.

Young Living has the only gas chromatograph (GC) and mass spectrometer (GC-MS) in North and South America to test newly distilled batches of their therapeutic essential aromatherapy oils for proper levels of constituents to make sure that the organic oil's alternative medical healing or pain relieving power has not been compromised.  These instruments are the only ones in the world that are matched and calibrated to the instruments used at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France by Dr. Herve' Casabianca. (ref: Gary Young lecture La Jolla, CA. Sept. 13, 2012).  If the quality is not the best and the high standards set down by D. Gary Young  are not present in that blend of therapeutic grade all natural essential oils, the entire batch is thrown away.

Here at Transformed By Oils we offer the best alternative 100% pure essential aromatherapy oil medicines in the world.  This is our promise to you, and is the reason why we only offer the best Young Living therapeutic grade all natural essential healing oils.  You can buy cheaper herbal aromatherapy oils, but you cannot buy a better higher quality  more potent or pure organic essential oil than the therapeutic-grade all natural Young Living aromatherapy healing oils offered here.  Our alternative essential healing oil supplements are split into easy to navigate pain and symptom based categories.  We also provide the information you need about our essential oils making it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best all natural and organic pure aromatherapy oil blend for you and your medical pain relieving needs.

Being an online based herbal healing and alternative medicines health and wellness store, we do not have the overhead and other expensive operating costs of traditional businesses.  These savings are passed on to you allowing us to offer the very best Young Living all natural aromatherapy oils and high quality herbal blends at the best possible prices.  Making it easy and affordable for you to have the therapeutic grade pure essential oils you need to feel and live better.  We also get your organic alternative healing oils shipped to you quickly and provide a safe and easy check out process.  If you have any questions please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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